Friday, January 18, 2019
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In The Third Choice Mark Durie examines the most crucial challenges of this new century. In clear language, free from political correctness, and backed by an impressive scholarly knowledge, he unfolds step-by-step the basic foundations of Islam and exposes their inner correlations with jihad and dhimmitude, two theological and legal Islamic institutions that shape traditional Muslim behaviour toward non-Muslims.
Bat Ye’or  Author of
Islam and Dhimmitude and Eurabia.

This extraordinary book shows how the behavior of violent Islamic groups, and even of many “moderate” non-Muslim spokesmen in the West, follows a discernible and consistent pattern deriving from the directives of Islamic law for the treatment of non-Muslims. What makes it all the more remarkable is how willing and even eager non-Muslim leaders can be to comply with the Sharia’s supremacist demands. The Third Choice shows clearly that the strictures of dhimmitude are oppressive, that they are by no means antiquated relics of the past, and that non-Muslims are in peril globally from Muslims laboring to implement them anew. As such it stands as a vital wake-up call for an increasingly drowsy Free World.
Robert Spencer, author of the New York Times best-sellers The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) and The Truth About Muhammad.

Over the past three decades, the experience of Christians in Muslim-dominated communities has been getting steadily worse. This has been directly linked to Islamic revival and the reinstatement of Sharia law across the Muslim world. I salute the courage of Mark Durie and the scholarship exhibited in The Third Choice, which offers solutions to difficult problems hindering the peaceful co-existence of two major world religions.
Archbishop Peter Akinola  Primate of All Nigeria.

The Third Choice could have hardly come at a better time, due to the urgent need to illuminate many minds in today’s troubled world, where Islam is not only being imposed into the Western world as an aggressive and intrusive ideology, but is backed up by an immense demographic invasion. Durie’s book has come not a moment too soon to provide a wake-up call to the slumbering West, and prepare it to confront the gathering challenge of Islam.
Raphael Israeli  Professor of Islamic, Middle Eastern and Chinese History, the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

To say something worth reading about the relationship of Islam to other faiths an author needs a huge and broad amount of knowledge in different fields of expertise, needs to know how to integrate research findings from religion, sociology and humanities, and needs to be brave, politically incorrect and peace-minded all at the same time. Few people can offer all of this, but, as all of this is true for Mark Durie, I can recommend The Third Choice to everyone interested in the future of world politics.
Thomas Schirrmacher  Professor of the Sociology of Religion (Germany, Romania, India) and Director of the International Institute for Religious Freedom (Bonn, Cape Town, Colombo).

Mark Durie has written a wise and remarkably compendious study inspired by the urgent question W. Montgomery Watt posed in 1993: “...does the Sharia (Islamic Law) allow Muslims to live peaceably with non-Muslims in the one world?” The Third Choice challenges non-Muslims and Muslims alike to lift the shroud of silence and reject the steady revival of Islam’s ancient, discriminatory system of dhimmitude. Although Durie demonstrates unabashedly how Islam’s doctrines have led too many Muslims to impose intimidation and self-rejection upon others, his ultimate message is one of hope: that truth, applied with love will release a deep-seated compassion and healing between peoples.
Andrew Bostom, author of The Legacy of Jihad and The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism.

Durie’s profound work offers enormous historical, social, and psychological insight into the complexities of life in the face of rejection, evil, and suffering. Echoing the prophet Zechariah, he makes an impassioned plea to all to “love truth and peace”, and to seek the truth and healing.
Ravi Zacharias  Bestselling author and speaker.

Those who want help discerning the truth amidst the myriad of contradictory reports about Muslim-Christian relations, should read this book. Those who want to understand why Christians in Islamic states frequently present as energetic propagandists for those who repress and persecute them, should read this book. Dhimmis and former dhimmis who want deliverance from the deep and captivating, psychologically and spiritually crippling spirit of dhimmitude – a spirit that remains even if the threat is removed – should read this book. The insights in The Third Choice will equip many with the understanding they require if they are going to face the world’s information deluge with discernment; and enable many who are crippled by fear, hate or remorse to find freedom, healing and restoration. Mark Durie’s book is a book for our times.
Elizabeth Kendal, religious liberty researcher, analyst and writer

Mark Durie’s new book, The Third Choice: Islam, Dhimmitude and Freedom, is highly recommended reading. It insightfully throws light on Islam and its theological, political and legal ideology towards non-Muslims, especially Christians and Jews. The concept of dhimmitude, with its humiliation and subjugation of “non-believers”, needs to be understood if we want to uphold universal human rights and religious liberty in our day and age. Not politically correct appeasement policies, but truthful and above-board information, along with critical analysis of historical and current realities concerning Islam, will help us to face the challenge of this ideology with its consequences for church and society. This book encourages us to face this challenge squarely and choose the truth in freedom and dignity.
Albrecht Hauser, Canon of the Evangelical-Lutheran Church in Württemberg and a Trustee of the Barnabas Fund

Islamic revival is the greatest challenge to Christianity this century. It is fuelling an upsurge of violence against non-Muslims throughout the world as Islamists, emboldened by a righteous sense of entitlement, aspire to institute Sharia worldwide. Mark Durie astutely observes that institutions such as jihad and dhimmitude, arising from this Islamization movement, threaten spiritual freedom: unless Christians resist the hatred and discrimination of dhimmitude, they too will become its victims. Exposing the oppressive nature of the dhimma system, Durie offers the reader tools to confront this challenge. The Third Choice is an important reference to help Christians and others overcome the fear and violence that defines the legacy of dhimmitude.
Keith Roderick, Secretary General, Coalition for the Defense of Human Rights; Canon for Persecuted Christians, Diocese of Quincy; and, Washington Representative, Christian Solidarity International.

With The Third Choice, Mark Durie has introduced real Islam in a scholarly manner, from its foundational doctrines to its political, social and moral philosophies – from its root to its branches. He aims to inform people that Islamists will not only be unable to tolerate freedom themselves; they will follow the model of their prophet to put an end to the freedom of others. The Third Choice emphatically calls on all to study Islam personally and understand its quest for dominance.
Daniel Shayesteh, former Iranian Republican Guard, co-founder of Hezbollah and author of The House I left Behind.

Ideas have consequences. Some powerful ideas and views of the world have been in circulation for centuries, yet they have been hidden from sight, their true implications concealed. Mark Durie’s excellent book not only unveils the history of an influential set of ideas; it shows their application and outworking both in the past and for the present. The Third Choice is a must read for anyone interested in Islam and for all concerned with human flourishing. This book will disturb, inform, educate and challenge. I hope you will read it, reflect on it, and pass it on to others.
Stuart McAllister, Vice-President of Training and Special Projects, Ravi Zacharias International Ministries.